Sunday, 22 July 2012

Do it yourself fun

I have been searching the internet for programs similar, that on a much cheaper scale, you can design your own clothing and shoes. I’ve just spent the night playing around on three different websites, and here is the result.
The shirt above I designed using UnitedStyles. Their program allows a great deal of versatility and creativity and is definitely perfect for budding designers. It is very easy to use, has a wide selection of sizes and allows you to browse through bloggers OOTD posts for inspiration. It is definitely worth playing with, because if you like it, you can have it sent straight to your door.
Shoes of Prey was the first website I visited and I was shocked by how simple it was to design a pair of shoes. I must say, I was a tad overwhelmed by the range of patterns and prints and fabrics and heights and styles. Their website is incredibly easy to use and allows so much flexibility that it is perfect for anyone and for every occasion. 
I loved designing a bag on The Print Bar. While flexibility is not of the essence, you probably don’t even need it. You can choose to design a bag or a t-shirt to fit anyone in a variety of styles and upload your own text and image and customise it from there. I quite like my little creation!

A touch of Perdis

Today i woke up too a beautiful winter boring, dispute the cold chill the sun was out and shining bright. To good of a sunday too waste i grabbed a friend and we went to go to the one place in sydney that makes you feel like a model. Napoleon Perdis ! For a total of $80 you can feel like a celebrity and get a new make over ! The workers are always so nice and accommodating. Its great fun and i suggest you girls hit up your local napoleon store and get a amazing make over ! I left some before and after pictures for you guys to see the results ! xx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bikini love

Currently lusting over…
This cute bikini's is handmade by Eva Elz of Amourouse - an adorable shop specializing in creating fun, feminine bikinis and intimate apparel that is based in Holland. Bows polka dots, florals and stripes are coming back in and Eva is right on board with her amazing designs ! Get your hands on one of these amazing vintage style bikinis now, just in time for summer!

Sisterly love

Being the middle child of three girls can be very very frustrating , from fighting over the hair straighter , the shower, clothes and make up , there will always be a argument in our house hold . Although having sisters can have it perks. We pretty much share all our clothes, shoes and jewellery so I'm never a outfit short . I love having someone i can always talk to know matter what. Although when the claws are out it is world war three. Im always blessed to have these amazing girls around me and am so thankful. Stay blessed everyone and remember even if there a pain in the ass, there your greatest and longest friend xx

My little sister, Jordan x

My big sister, Chloe x

Good to be back

Its been awhile since I've blogged, Ive been so busy with my life I've hardly had any time to myself ! Ive been working heaps of my tumblr fashion blog which is going so well, Ive now got over 7000 followers and the number grows everyday . Ive been keeping tabs with the latest fashions and trends and am so excited to get back into blogging and sharing with you guys ! Its so good to be back and document my life/ fashion and am so excited too see the new adventures my life brings. Oh and i must share i just started college and am studying business fashion and merchandising ! I'm so excited as i get to learn the ropes of the fashion world ! ill keep you constantly posted !

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The weekend has come and gone and I literally feel like it went within seconds. The weather was was cold and the sky was grey, and i stayed in bed the whole time with my boy. Talk about the laziest weekend ! Ive been MIA these past few days , i had no internet access ! so i do apologize ! 
P.S i finally got a way over due hair cut !! my hair is so short now. okay not that short but pretty short ! i need to grow it before my birthday otherwise im turning to extensions !

Picture from a wedding i recently attended !

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bold love

Street fashion is everywhere, and one trend that has literally blown me away is the use of bold, bright colours. Women are taking to the amazing colours to spice up a outfit and make a statement. Purple is the new red and its painting the town with its different shades. The colour splashes are so exciting, as it bring s outfit to life , and so much more interesting too stop and stare at. This seasons must buy list , will deffs have a list of purples, and bright bold colours !

Leopard love

After a amazing sleep in my amazing hotel bed, we got up at mid day and decided on some lunch and shopping ! We opted for some sushi, on this beautiful sunny day in Sydney . I love heading to the city as that's where the true fashionistas come out from the shell and express themselves through there outfits.
I got to wear a maxi dress today, as the sun was shining but the air was cool, so i decided to go for this cute leopard maxi , which i tied it up from the side to make it have a more casual look. I chose my big patent Louis bag to go with and some rubi flats to finish off. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Instagram !

If you have instagram follow me and i will follow back !
my username is : desireeexox

Hotel beds

I love nothing more in life then hotel beds ! I can not express hoe much i love waking up in the morning on fluffy pillows and cleaned sheets. I'm still at the hotel and im loving it ! Its all about being lazy and attempting too get out of bed. Today on our agenda we are doing for some brunch and shopping ! Im so excited , ill keep you updated ! xxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Star casino

Checking in to the Star Casino Serviced Apartments, is always the most fun ! I love the feel of a fresh cleaned room and made up bed with new sheets. I wish it was possibly to live in hotels all my life, I honestly love them! My bestfriend and I are trying to unload our car , although we have way too many bags for it to be okay. Only staying two nights and we have packed as if we are staying 2 weeks. Not only did we over pack clothes we also decided to over pack food. Ill keep you posted with our progress of the next two days !

Monday, 12 March 2012

Nude love

So Autumn has come here in Sydney, and Im loving this weather ! Cold winds and rainy days wins me over anyday. This season Im in love with nude colours and chunky heels. Pale pinks and wooden heels, woolie jackets and tight skinny jeans. Im so excited your the shops to start stocking up with winter wear , Ill will be sending my bank broke with all the items on my wish list !
Here are a few faves !

Getting to know me

As I am a new blogger a lot of you may know nothing about me. I wanted to share with you guys a brief background of me. My name is Desiree and I live and was born in Sydney, Australia. I am 18 years old and will be hitting 19 on April the 9th. I have two sisters and I am the middle child, my parents are divorced.  I have a boyfriend who I am madly in love with ! Fashion has healed my soul literally, that is why im so passionate about it. My other interests are travelling, writing, reading and art. Im a very friendly person who loves to make friends ! Any other questions? Id love to answer them for you, just leave a comment !

Other ways to get to know me and keep up with my life is through Instagram, my user name is russiansins,
or through twitter!/desireeexox

Style crush

This weeks style crush is the beautiful Miranda Kerr. I dont think anyone can argue with me on this ! A baby boy as a accessory and she still pulls it off like its the must have of the season. From classy to casual , she never puts a foot wrong when picking out her daily outfits. Not only can she pull off oversized boyfriend blazers she can also rock a mean pair of sneakers. Miranda is deffs my go too girl when Im needing a little bit of inspiration for my outfit. 

Pretty white dress

I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world. I felt like I was literally floating through life ! ha I promise I'm not strange. I got too see my boyfriend for the first time in 4 days, might not seem like a long time but too me its way too long. I lounged around all day in bed with my boy, my kitten and way too many DVDs. 
The rest of the human race had attended the Sydney future music festival. Music festivals are really not my scene, I'm not into wearing pretty much nothing and dancing among sweaty people who are 99% of the time on drugs. Although there are many many many people who are into that. I dont judge if you are ! Id just rather be fully clothed and go have some lunch at a cute little sushi place, and go for some retail therapy! anyone else agree ?! 

sorry for the blurry picture ! dress is from alice & eve 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Giveway sunday

The week has finally come to a end. Its now been a week since I have become a official blogger. Setting up this blog, and being accepted into Independent Fashion Bloggers has made my whole year. Im so excited for the possiblities and meeting so many other amazing bloggers, Its been so overwhelming ! 
So to mark my one week i have decided to give away this authentic Chanel Bag. If you have a tumblr head to the link below. You must be following and you must reblog the most. I will randomly pick a winning on April the 2nd ! The bag is a baby pink with gold detailing. Good Luck dolls xxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Street runways

When fashion week comes around in the early seasons its all about designs, models, sets and  fashion moguls. And while all is well sitting front row too the most loved brands we tend to forget what happens outside on the streets of fashion week. The streets is where all fashionistas own runway is and spotlights not all about the models. Its where the fashion lovers of the world get to make there mark in the fashion world. From fur coats to bright prints and colours, women from all over the world come too one place for one week to start a trend and take a chance.
I put together a few of my favourite outfits I have found of street style. 

Crystal Chanel

 Chanels 2012 Fall Collection, was absolutely amazing and  as always the runway scene didn't disappoint. The Collection was one of my favourite of the season, the crystal gemstone detailing was genius and hasn't been seen on runways in decades. The dark purples and elegant patterns gave the collection a dark but classy, elegant, edge to it. The accessories is what won my heart in the entire collection, the use of gemstones to bring beauty to an item really came together.

Having a weak spot for crystal gemstones, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the whole crystal collection. My room is covered in the beautiful stones and I'm so glad someone has finally decided to show off there beauty, and who better way then the legendary Karl Lagerfeld


On my favourite day of the week, the sun decides to grace us with its presence. I woke up to a freezing morning only to come outside too blue skies and hot wind, but Im not one to complain. Nothing better too do then grab the best friend head out for some brunch and then hit some major retail therapy ! Also i get to rock my new Prada sunglasses ! what do we all think? yay or nay?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coming Together ! Kony 2012

Morning ! Sydney is refusing to show any signs of sun, which is fine with me as winter is my favourite season ! Waking up in the morning too clouded sky's and buckets of rain has got to be the best scene when staying at home. Rugged up in a big comfy hotel style robe, no make up, hot chocolate and DVDs , I still don't know why so many people complain ! 
Anyways I'd just like to mention a major issue and something that's been circling the internet. Im sure by know thousands of people are aware and have seen the heartbreaking Kony 2012 video, Im so glad people are finally taking a stand , and spreading the world. If you haven't seen it yet i'd love if you could check it out, it goes for 30mins only and im sure you guys have a little time to spare, also got online a buy a bracelet,
 I have ! Below i linked the video, facebook and twitter page !

Love is in the air .

Another weekend, another wedding ! I feel like all I've been doing this month is witnessing love. I cant really complain though, as it is always an excuse to get all glammed up and spend a little too much on a dress. Once again I had to head to the city for a beautiful reception. Fairy lights and cocktails lined up the board walk, of Sydneys Cockle Bay Wharf. After the last weddings experiences and knowing all to well id be dancing the night away I decided to play it safe and go for some cute purple wedges, and needless to say , they saved my feet ! It was such a beautiful night, I got to catch up with family that I hadn't seen in ages, another weekend well spent ! Lets just say I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Dress from Piper Lane. Shoes from Malabo. (second photo, sister) (last photo, the beautiful bride)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Midnight Bliss

Love is in the air , and I have front row seats. Nothing better on a Sunday afternoon then heading into the city for a harbour view wedding. The sun has pretty much been in hiding this whole summer, but tonight i have made a exception for a mini party dress. Sipped on Champagne all night, enjoyed lavish gourmet meals, listened too the most adorable speeches and literally danced the night away in sky high heels. 2:00am and I have finally made my way home, my make up has run off, my feet are in pain and all i can think about is a hot bath and a good night sleep ! Night ! xo

                       Bardot cocktail dress. Zu heels. Louis Vuitton Alma bag. Thomas Sabo bracelet


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