Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coming Together ! Kony 2012

Morning ! Sydney is refusing to show any signs of sun, which is fine with me as winter is my favourite season ! Waking up in the morning too clouded sky's and buckets of rain has got to be the best scene when staying at home. Rugged up in a big comfy hotel style robe, no make up, hot chocolate and DVDs , I still don't know why so many people complain ! 
Anyways I'd just like to mention a major issue and something that's been circling the internet. Im sure by know thousands of people are aware and have seen the heartbreaking Kony 2012 video, Im so glad people are finally taking a stand , and spreading the world. If you haven't seen it yet i'd love if you could check it out, it goes for 30mins only and im sure you guys have a little time to spare, also got online a buy a bracelet,
 I have ! Below i linked the video, facebook and twitter page !

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